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Welded mesh: Stable protection thanks to welded wires

Steel and stainless steel mesh from MEVACO in your desired mesh width

Welded mesh is made from straight wires, which are firmly connected by electrical resistance spot welding. The welding makes the meshes very stable, whereby they can be ideally used as protective elements.

Whether it is as protection against pigeons at buildings, as protective grilles on machines for increased work safety or for sturdy and visually appealing fences and doors and gates - spot-welded meshes from MEVACO can be used in many different ways. This is guaranteed not only by the high mesh stability and rigidness, but also by the different materials, which are both weather-resistant and attractive. Spot-welded meshes from MEVACO combine an attractive appearance with optimal protection.

Mesh widths of MEVACO spot-welded meshes

Depending on the application, close- or wide-meshed spot-welded meshes are required. Close-meshed meshes are required for protection against pigeons and keeping martens away, in order to effectively protect against the pests. Wide meshes are preferred for fences or doors and gates for aesthetic reasons, among other things. MEVACO offers a large selection from 25x25 mm meshes up to 100x100 mm meshes to tackle every challenge. Please note that for mesh widths the measurement is always made from the middle of the wire to the middle of the wire. For the mesh widths shown below the mesh length is mentioned first and then the mesh width. We offer the following types of mesh:

Masche 1 Mesh width 25x25
Masche 2 Mesh width 30x30
Masche 3 Mesh width 40x40
Masche 4 Mesh width 50x50
Masche 5 Mesh width 50x100
Masche 6 Mesh width 100x50
Masche 7 Mesh width 100x100

Customised design for your tailormade spot-welded meshes

Whether you are protecting a ventilation shaft against small animals with a small mesh cover or want to protect a property from intruders and prying eyes with a large fence. With the freely selectable dimensions of our spot-welded meshes you can master almost any challenge. Have your individual mesh made-to-measure. All dimensions within the minimum and maximum limits are possible:

Abmessung 1
- Possible width: from 300 to 2000 mm - Possible length: from 300 to 3000 mm - Deviations from the max. size are possible

From galvanised steel to stainless steel: Materials for welded meshes

As spot-welded meshes are primarily used as protective elements, you only receive meshes made from robust materials from MEVACO. Decide on the right material and the right surface so that your individual mesh optimally meets the requirements of your application. Click on the individual materials to find out more information. We are happy to help you if your desired material is not available, or if you are uncertain about which material is the proper one for your application.