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Perforated sheets: Ideal for applications in the indoor and outdoor area

Creative, robust and versatile - the multitalented perforated sheet

Perforated sheets are sheets with uniform holes at regular spacings. The variety of hole patterns ranges from opaque to transparent, thus opening up unlimited design possibilities. With PerfAction technology from MEVACO, even photos, logos and lots more can be shown in perforated sheets. Leaves nothing to be desired, so to speak!

Whether it is facades, external areas or privacy screens: Perforated sheet can be used in many different areas. Thanks to its flexibility, high-quality bathroom furniture or creative wall and protective elements can also be produced. The different hole patterns and materials combine highly creative potential with countless design possibilities. This way even the most bespoke customer wishes can be realised quickly and simply. In the area of interior design the material shows its delicate and elegant side: with the different holes fascinating plays of light can be generated. Even images and logos can be shown on perforated sheets with PerfAction with a clever arrangement of the holes - there is no limit to the creativity.

From round to square: Perforated sheet with individual hole pattern

The possible uses for perforated sheets are as diverse and varied as the types of perforations which are possible for the material. Whether it is square, round or one of the numerous perforations from our Creative Line: The range of perforations is huge, meaning every customer wish can be satisfied. Choose your preferred pattern from us. We offer the following perforations:

Round holes

Lochung 1 Round holes staggered pitch (RT)
Lochung 2 Round holes diagonal pitch (RM)
Lochung 3 Round holes square pitch (RU)

Square holes

Lochung 1 Square holes staggered pitch (CT)
Lochung 2 Square holes diagonal pitch (CDM)
Lochung 3 Square holes square pitch (CU)

Hexagonal holes

Lochung 1 Hexagonal holes staggered pitch (HT)

Slotted holes

Lochung 1 Slotted holes staggered pitch (LRZ)
Lochung 1 Transverse slotted holes square pitch (LRU)
Lochung 1 Transverse rectangular slotted holes square pitch (LCU)

Creative line

Lochung 1 Arabica
Lochung 2 Leporello
Lochung 3 Rhomb aligned
Lochung 4 Rhomb staggered
Lochung 5 Rectangular
Lochung 6 Halfmoon
Lochung 7 Wave
Lochung 8 Soap bubble
Lochung 9 Honeycomb
Lochung 10 Chess
Lochung 11 Ellipse EVH
Lochung 12 Ellipse EVL
Lochung 13 Matrix
Lochung 14 No. 152
Lochung 15 No. 153
Lochung 16 No. 154
Lochung 17 Cross
Lochung 18 Lily
Lochung 19 Mesh

Textured sheets

Lochung 1 SRU
Lochung 2 SCU

Versatile and adaptable: Plate shapes of perforated sheets

The basic shape of the plates is in fact rectangular, but trapezoidal, rhomb or circular shapes are also possible. The perfect solutions adapted to customer requirements can be found here. The perforated zones always run parallel to the outer contour with a wraparound unperforated edge. Any shape can be selected for free contours. However, it should be noted that expansion in a longitudinal direction must be at least 300 mm at any one point, and 125 mm in transverse direction and at minimum one point. In addition, the individual sections of the plate shape must be at least 5 mm. Unfortunately, round perforated sheets cannot be designed. In our online shop you can currently only order the "rectangular" plate shape. If you would like a different plate shape, please contact your respective subsidiary. You can find your local contact partner in the contact section on this page.

Platinenform 1 Standard forms
Platinenform 2 Standard forms
Platinenform 3 Standard forms
Platinenform 4 Example for free forms
Platinenform 5 Example for free forms
Platinenform 6 Example for free forms

From small to large: Customised perforated sheets

From the cover for the ventilation shaft to the metre-high building façade: Perforated sheets are used in various locations. The dimensions can be customised accordingly. The following dimensions are possible:

Abmessung 1
- Possible width: from 125 to 1500 mm - Possible length: from 300 to 4000 mm - Stainless steel sheets, which are polished afterwards, have minimum dimensions of 125 x 700 mm - For technical reasons, some individual products are not available in the maximum size 1500 x 4000 mm

Compatible with perforated sheet shape: Possible perforated zones

Just like our sheet shapes are adapted to your needs, there are also customised options for the perforated zones. We offer the following perforated zones:  4 x 4 perforated zones are possible for the rectangular sheet shape  One perforated zone is possible for the parallelogramm and trapezoidal sheet shapes All perforated zones are always manufactured parallel to the sheet shape:

- From 1 up to 4 x 4 perforated zones are possible in the case of a rectangularly shaped sheet - There is, in each case, one perforated zone in the case of the parallelogram and trapezoid sheets - All perforated zones are produced parallel to the sheet form

Diverse: The possible outer contours for your perforated sheet

Whether it is square pitch, with unfinished or finished end pattern, as well as with or without corners: There is a large selection of different contours available for the outer contours. We offer the following contours:

Aussenkontur 1
Square pitch
Aussenkontur 2
Unfinished end pattern
Aussenkontur 3
Finished end pattern
Aussenkontur 4
Finished end pattern with corner holes
Aussenkontur 5
Finished end pattern without corner holes
Aussenkontur 6
Without front margins

Customised solutions: Margin dimensions

The margin dimension describes the distance between the outer edge of the perforated sheet and the outer contour of the perforated zone. For technical reasons the margin dimensions are limited for individual products. The desired margin dimensions can only be realised in the grid steps of the hole pattern geometry. This is shown in the following graphic.

- For technical reasons, the margin dimensions for individual products are limited - The desired margin dimensions can only be implemented in the grid steps of the hole pattern geometry - e1 And e2 indicate the lower and upper side margin (= distance of perforated zone to longitudinal side b of the sheet) in mm - f1 and f2 indicate the left and right front margin (= distance of perforated zone to broadside a of the sheet) in mm

Made-to-measure: Different angular shapes

The basic shape is a 90° angle. A notch, bevel and radius are also possible. Currently only the 90° angle can be selected in the online shop. Please contact your respective sales outlet for the notch, bevel and radius angular shapes. You can find your contact partner in the contact section on this page.

Eckform 1
90° angle
Eckform 2
Eckform 3
Eckform 4

From steel to titanium zinc: Materials for your perforated sheet

The materials which we use to manufacture your individual perforated sheet are jut as diverse as the applications. A different material is recommended based on the application. For example, aluminium is ideal for window shutters or PerfAction due to its low weight. In contrast, galvanised materials and stainless steel are mainly recommended for outdoor applications owing to their weather-resistance. However, these are in no way exclusion criteria: For example, aluminium can be made weather-resistant by powder coating and stainless steel reveals its elegant side when used as a railing in a staircase. No matter where you want to use your perforated sheet: MEVACO provides you with the right material and the right surface treatment for every application. Our perforated sheets are available in the following types of materials. Click on the desired material for more information.