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Privacy screen increases living comfort

Expanded metal wave as perfect material

Is there paradise on earth? The many guests who come to Gmunden in the Salzkammergut resort area in Upper Austria don't have to think twice: Located on the shores of Traunsee lake, surrounded by the picturesque peaks of the Alpine foothills, and on top of this a small town straight out of a picture book. What could be better than a visit? Right, living here, especially in your own home. For Sonja Peiskammer this dream came true. In her home right on the lake she has paradise in sight everyday. A privacy shield made from MEVACO expanded metal wave ensures the necessary privacy and protection from prying eyes.

Expanded metal weathers every storm

"The road which passes by the house leads to Traunstein", says Christian Gruber. "The local mountain of Gmunden is a popular spot for climbers and hikers. What do you think goes on here on some days?!" But the paradise also has its downside, which attracted the attention of the builder. "My customer expressed the natural desire that passers-by no longer have an unobstructed view of her balcony." A privacy screen was planned. Is that not a trivial matter for a man who usually builds and renovates country houses, villas and hotels at the company Zeppetzauer Bau- & Zimmerei GmbH? "True, we are a team of 100 men, including 40 carpenters", confirms Christian Gruber. "Nevertheless, this wasn't a job that one easily completes in passing." There were good reasons for this. One of which happened in summer 2018 when a warm storm with gale-force winds of 160 km/h swept over the lake. "We have that more often in the Salzkammergut resort area. Sometimes roofs are damaged and boats sink", adds the builder. "That's why we pay attention to the precise structural analysis for big and small jobs. In this case, what wind pressure the frame on the façade has to withstand."

See without being seen with expanded metal

This was not the only reason why Christian Gruber decided on MEVACO expanded metal when choosing the appropriate material. "When you live in paradise, you also want to see it", he says. "Expanded metal is an excellent material for this. It is almost a miracle: Depending on how the meshes are aligned, you cannot see through from the outside, while you still enjoy the view from the inside. This does not work with wood or glass."

Expanded metal wave as a connection to the lake

The decision was made: Christian Gruber sent his specifications to MEVACO and promptly received a response: "The company recommended expanded metal wave 110x40x15 made from aluminium with a bridge thickness of 2.0 mm and subsequent powder coating. With the wave the connection to the lake in front of the house was guaranteed. However, I attach huge importance to every detail for small areas like this privacy screen. That's why I received a few samples first. In order to get the angled profiles right, we process these with a machine. The result was not satisfactory. So we went back to the old-fashioned way of beating the angled profiles with a hammer. This was time-consuming and required skill, but it was worth it! It was also a matter of honour. The customer should be 100% satisfied - but also the hikers and mountain climbers who walk past the house should also appreciate the surroundings. Now we have a privacy screen that works and also looks good." This is how it is in paradise: Average solutions don't stand a chance here.


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