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Give a home its own identity

With Ornament Rain Blox perforated sheet

La Garenne-Colombes is one of 170 communes in the Greater Paris metropolitan region in the suburbs of the French capital with over 7 million inhabitants. A building unlike any other in Paris was recently erected here. Its builder, Guillaume Campet, also lives in it. Thanks to MEVACO, the tradesman created a highly regarded design object from a vague idea, which on top of everything has many useful aspects. But we want to start right at the beginning. Because, according to Guillaume Campet, in the beginning there was initially disappointment and frustration.

Perforated sheet is easy to combine

"I wanted to give my home its own identity", says Guillaume Campet. "Perforated sheet seemed an attractive material for many reasons. It can be easily combined with stone, wood and glass. It can be opaque if one wants to hide something behind it. And the opposite effect can also be easily achieved so that the viewer can discover something new behind the perforated sheet. And I can be very individual thanks to the perforation." So it came as no surprise that Guillaume Campet saw a perforation that matched his ideas. The disappointment and frustration arose when his research yielded no satisfactory result. That's when he spoke to Mélanie Bruneau from MEVACO. "She talked about the new individual ornament which MEVACO realises for customers who appreciate creative solutions. That sounded great!"

Individual perforated sheet

And things got even better. "Nothing is more individual than the aesthetic perception", said Konrad Fiedler, the most important German art historian of the 19th century, in a nutshell. A view that MEVACO takes into consideration with ornaments. The individual ornaments from the in-house think tank are called Blox, Rainblox, Drops, Eternity and Stone. An ornament was drawn first. Then holes were deleted so that the desired pattern was created. This is now stored in a programme. As soon as an order arrives, the desired panels are punched and delivered.

Perforated sheet railing: Safe and pretty

In the case of Guillaume Campet it was clearly shown how individual aesthetic perception can be: "There are three rows of balconies on the building", he explains. "For the perforated sheet railings there should be more holes in the lower part, and fewer in the upper part. This looks like rain hitting the window panes. There drops are distributed in a similar way: in the upper part of the window there are fewer drops than in the lower part. The square perforation Ornament Rain Blox 10-20 from MEVACO knows how to imitate this effect in an astonishing way."

Open perforated sheet staircase defies rain

Guillaume Campet realised another aesthetic perception in the staircase. "The square perforation Ornament Blox 10-20 was used there because this fits in perfectly with wood. The staircase itself is open, I did without glazing behind the perforated sheet. It doesn't rain in here!"

No problems with cutting and coating

Guillaume Campet got involved in the construction. "The perforated sheet panels in RAL colour 9005 deep black were assembled on steel pipes using standard rivets of the same colour that are also discreet", he says. "I cut the panels on site, which worked without any hitches. My only concern was that the powder coating could split open at the edges. But it was applied perfectly, and everything went well." In this way Guillaume Campet created a home with its own character, whose originality is unique in a metropolitan region.


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