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Unique staircase made of MEVACO perforated sheet

The perforated sheet staircase is more than just a climbing aid

It's quite normal that a passionate staircase builder from one of Germany's most densely wooded districts builds a wooden staircase. But when he regularly uses materials such as glass, stainless steel and mild steel, it's definitely worth taking a closer look at it. Especially when it's done with pleasure and lots of skills and imagination. In the case of Johannes Wunsch from Forbach in the Black Forest, the name says it all. Genuine "desired products" are created in his workshop - all unique pieces that can't be found anywhere else! This was also the case with the staircase made of MEVACO perforated sheet, which required strict precision.

A staircase that reflects light

Johannes Wunsch demonstrated real inventive talent when it came to building the right staircase for a new detached house. "When the architect called", he mentions, "we arranged a viewing appointment on site. The roof windows filled the house with plenty of natural daylight. This daylight should also reach the rooms below. Before I create a design, I try to look for a title that characterises the respective project. It was obvious back then: this staircase should contribute to the light so that it can be experienced by the residents."

Visible welds are a taboo

We decided on MEVACO steel perforated sheet R5 T7, thickness 1.5 mm, with white powder-coated finish. Initial experiments were conducted in the workshop. "We are able to conjure anything up with every material", laughs Johannes Wunsch, "because we have the right specialists on board - this is also extremy important when it comes to metal." But to be able to create something, models have to be built first in order to clarify the key questions: "How can we weld a handrail to the perforated sheet without one seeing welds? In addition, there always occur some edgings and boldings if someone does not have perfect command of wire welding. Such a thing is not our style at all. Back then we had a vision of steps made of a solid sheet metal, welded via the holes, without a visible weld. After we had found solutions for all technical challenges, we started to separate the staircase into three modules." The first module led from the entrance to a landing on an entresol. The second was the straight run with eight steps from the landing to the top step. The third one was the landing itself. "It's a lasered steel sheet", explains Johannes Wunsch, "on which we welded perforated sheet. The material had to be rounded first. We succeeded in doing this by means of a cold working process on the sheet metal rounding machine. My specialist in welding is a genuine artist."

A roof window as a narrow section

The next adventure involved installing the staircase in the building. "There was only one option there", according to Johannes Wunsch. "Using a truck-mounted crane over the roof through the window. We measured everything and in the end a sheet of paper couldn't even fit into the gap." The craftsmen installed a supporting beam from wall to wall in order to fit the stair. The staircase is put on specially designed bearing supports. In the end the three modules were screwed together, creating a real masterpiece! Depending on the position of the sun, the residents can experience a unique interplay of light and shade.

A successor has already been found

Johannes Wunsch, who deals intensively with the "interactions between people and stairs" in the "German Association of Staircase Builders", is one of the regular winners of the national competition "Staircase of the Year". He has now handed over his business to a successor. However, the customers can sleep peacefully: with the help of Michel Schaeffersthe, sophisticated art of the staircase is still crafted to perfection.


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