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Gate made from MEVACO PerfAction photo perforated sheet

History with a modern twist

"A challenge in the architecture is the balance between artistic standard, economic requirements and technical feasibility", says Annette Lange from the architectural and planning office A&S GmbH Neubrandenburg. An exceptional example can be found in the new construction of the residential complex Treptower Tor in the middle of the historical old town in Neubrandenburg. The building blends in harmoniously between the city walls and Treptower city gate, the small square in front creates a cosy open space in a beautiful location. The gate made from MEVACO PerfAction photo perforated sheet, in which historical motifs from the immediate surrounding area are punched, is the artistic icing on the cake.

When Albert Einstein shows what's possible

"PerfAction photo perforated sheet sometimes comes into play thanks to this ingenius phisicist ", states Andreas Freismuth with a mysterious smile. He is a skilled metalworker and technical expert working for the Europe's leading provider of expanded metals, perforated sheets, crimped mesh and welded meshtakes. Andreas takes care of customer wishes when photos, company logos, pictograms or digits need to be displayed as a photo sheet with a surprising deep-view effect. The image of Albert Einstein, made by this technology, works wonders. "I send this as a showpiece to customers in order to talk about the implementation of their own wishes." continues Andreas Freismuth,

A bold residential-service building in the city centre of Neubrandenburg

It was a similar situation when it comes to the building called Treptower Tor in Neubrandenburg. The goal was to implement the ideas of the architect Annette Lange from A&S GmbH Neubrandenburg. When the tender for the residental plots was launched, VAKON Baugesellschaft mbH submitted an application and commissioned the planning to the architect. According to administrative requirements, a restaurant should be situated on the ground floor of a residenta-service building.. "An exciting project", states Annette Lange. "Neubrandenburg is well-known for its almost completely preserved medieval city walls. The city centre has developed throughout all these years and right now it all creates a harmonious whole. The new construction should be coherent as well. That's why a tab MEVACO fascination at caught my attention. As I already had the idea to use a door panel made from perforated sheet, I got in touch with the company."

Punching is more effective than laser

Andreas Freismuth is responsible for customer support. "PerfAction is not a printing process", is how he explains the technology. "Here holes are punched, and it is done with a huge precision." The punching machine works similar to a shoemaker when he punches a leather belt. It is more effective than achieving a similar effect with a laser. "Over 20.000 punches can be made on the image with the surface of one squre meter. " explains Andreas Freismuth. "Each hole has its coordinates and its respective diameter." The result is astonishing: The perforated sheet raw material is flat and at the same time the fascinating deep-view effect is achieved with PerfAction.

Architectural accents in a historical environment

This was exactly what Annette Lange had in mind. "The manager of VAKON Baugesellschaft mbH, Ralf Kohl, a graphic designer Axel Weiler, and myself as the responsible architect, joining our forces.", she says. "As a historical street space was to be rebuilt, I suggested using images to follow its original form. Our selection consisted of various old photos from the surrounding area. Axel Weiler tried out these images in different definitions. I printed the shortlisted selection 1:1 on paper to test the effect and we managed to convince the investor". "Motifs which have distinct colour gradients between the foreground and background work best", adds Andreas Freismuth. "The hole diameters to be punched are based on these colour values. By that means we can also meet the specific needs of customers with regard to light transmission and air permeability. Any hole diameter from 3 to 15 millimetres is possible ." Another advantage of the technology is its resistance to the weather conditions. As it is not an imprint, PerfAction photo perforated sheet is made to last forever", explains Andreas Freismuth. "Our customers can indeed enjoy the photos for a long time!"

The good idea has been appreciated

A local metalworker was commissioned to build the gate. "Frank Dielenberg contributed greatly to the success with his instructions regarding stability and feasibility", states Annette Lange. It is not surprising that there was only a positive feedback. "Both from the restaurant's owners and the residents of the apartments. Even passers-by stopped to marvel the gate with the photo motifs!"


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