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A new district for Aachen

On-site: MEVACO perforated sheet with individual hole pattern

For a city like Aachen it is a pure stroke of luck when an entire district is up for housing development. Just there where years ago the former Rothe Erde tax office could only arouse a few uplifting feelings, the Frankenberger Höfe now puts a smile on the faces of young and old. In the end 247 rented apartments were built, giving a habitable space of 21,900 square metres. MEVACO is also on-site with equally impressive figures: Around 800 kg of aluminium perforated sheet, 3.0 mm thick with special hole pattern, were installed in 145 French balconies, bay and balustrade railings.

The old royal residence through the ages

The Frankenberger Höfe residential area in Aachen was realised in a construction period of only two years from July 2015 to the end of June 2017. Parts thereof lie on the grounds of the former Rothe Erde tax office, which obtained its specific name from a preceding building called "Rote Kaserne" (red barracks). The district is now one of the most popular areas in the former main royal residence of Charlemagne, because life here is like in the good old days: Apartments, small businesses, restaurants, shops and ateliers in the immediate neighbourhood ensure a buzzing and exciting life. Firstly, old buildings, some of which originated from the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany, were extensively renovated. Secondly, modern new buildings were built with comfortable 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments for singles, young couples and pensioners, as well as spacious 4- and 5-room apartments for families.

Special hole pattern for good reason

It's also not everyday that the Mönchengladbach-based steel construction company MJB-LAWICKI GmbH & Co. KG receives such an order. "Obviously, after 50 years in the steel construction business we have made almost everything at some stage", states Michael J. Bachhuber. "But no construction site resembles the next. Each one is unique. And because almost all of the components manufactured by us have to be planned for the application, it also never gets boring!" This was no different with the Frankenberger Höfe project. "We were on board right from the outset, from the preliminary building works", remembers Michael J. Bachhuber. "Our job involved the manufacture, supply and installation of 1,200 guardrails on French balconies in six different types, nine different widths and six different colours. There was also privacy screens, balustrade, terrace, bay, recessed balcony and staircase railings for 18 buildings in total." In other words: We really had to knuckle down and get to work. The same also applied to MEVACO. An abundant amount of MEVACO perforated sheets special hole pattern, aluminium, sheet thickness of 3.0 mm with subsequent wet-paint, were installed for the French balconies, i.e. guardrails from soil depth to opening windows, as well as bay and balustrade railings. "It was 800 kg altogether", confirms Michael J. Bachhuber. "And with extremely individual hole patterns to boot!" There were good reasons for this. "First of all, it was about cost reduction and then there were structural concerns. Compliance with the minimum widths according to the DIN regulation and the regional building regulations also played a role. The decision for the special hole pattern was made by the architects. It came the closest to the original planning - this would not have been achieved with a standard hole pattern."

Customised order. Installed in the factory.

After all aspects were dealt with to the satisfaction of those involved, Michael J. Bachhuber ordered the made-to-measure sheets from MEVACO. "The sheets were wet-painted at our premises and installed in guardrail frames in the workshop The metalworkers used stainless steel pop rivets. Then they mounted the perforated sheets and frames at the window soffits on site at the railings. "We build and live with metal", adds Michael J. Bachhuber. "And are therefore often in touch with MEVACO. This collaboration works really well." Now the individuals with their new homes in the Frankenberger Höfe district also benefit. The only question that remains is whether anyone mourns the loss of the Rothe Erde tax office. To date nobody has answered this question.


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