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Here it was a matter of survival!

How welded mesh from MEVACO helped protect a valuable fish population

In Japan nishikigoi or carp, koi for short, are some of the preferred fish in the pond and in Germany too they are enjoying increasing popularity thanks to their splendid colours. Koi place high demands on their habitat. If these conditions are met, they can live up to 70 years and sometimes also fetch five-digit sums at auctions. For the herons this is of no relevance. Kois are just what their long beaks are waiting for. Protecting the fish from large waders is no easy task. Tradesman Joachim Pullmann tackled it and put the herons in their place with a clever idea. His means to an end: A closely meshed protective mesh with a self-designed gate made from welded MEVACO mesh.

A biotope needs help

"We actually focus on ventilation and climate technology, as well as custom-made products in thin sheet metal processing", states Joachim Pullmann. "We also manufacture parts with CNC plasma cutting and CNC laser machines and process these on press brakes, rabbeting planes and round bending machines. In addition, we carry out spot welding and MIG/MAG-WIG welding in house. Our preferred materials are all types of steel sheets, galvanised plates, stainless steel and copper plates, as well as titanium zinc, aluminium sheets, galvanised perforated sheets, stainless steel perforated sheets, expanded metal mesh and welded mesh from MEVACO." Joachim Pullmann takes a deep breath once more. Because it was all about protecting the valuable existence of his biotope from predatory herons, the usual work had to be set aside momentarily. His reputation was challenged.

The valuable fish population must be protected

"50 kois live in this pond, depending on the season up to 70 goldfish, a sturgeon, as well as snakes, frogs and insects." In other words: This body of water is a paradise for Joachim Pullmann, but also a well-laid table for the heron. "Of course the idea was obvious to completely cover the pond with protective mesh. That way the herons can't get through. Neither can the humans." Joachim Pullmann came up with something: An entrance gate made from MEVACO stainless steel welded mesh V2A 1.4301 in the dimensions 50x50x5.0 mm. "This ensures that we can carry out the maintenance work on the pond and supplementary feeding without any problems", smiles the tradesman lost in thought. "As we also manufacture ventilation components in the company and make roof-weather protective grids, for which MEVACO welded mesh is used, we ordered a little more with the last delivery. Enough to build the gate."

The gate should be robust and also look good

The long life is one of the advantages of stainless steel welded mesh. "Crimped mesh does not have the same stability and strength", adds Joachim Pullmann. "A galvanised version was not an option because stainless steel is more durable and also more elegant." For the frame structure of the gate Joachim Pullmann used a profile which could be manufactured on the in-house ring bending machine. The cut stainless steel mesh was welded to this base frame. For a professional like himself this wouldn't take much longer than the heron would need to digest his last catch? "Four hours maybe", laughs Joachim Pullmann. "Then it was finally the end to undesired forays. For the herons this now means: We have to stay outside!"


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