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A gem in a revamped district


Architect Isa Stein from the Studio für Kunst und Architektur in Vienna and Linz and Andreas Jaeschke from NILU Stahlbau Vienna came together for the reconstruction of the residential building at Stumpergasse 60 in the 6th district of Vienna. The two individuals are committed to individual solutions. "Good architecture", highlights Isa Stein "means giving attention. There are also no standard procedures as no one place and one requirement resemble one another. Architecture stands out when it offers solutions as seen here in the search for optimal shading." Andreas Jaeschke adds: "The privacy screen made from MEVACO stainless steel perforated sheets in the Creativ Line range went beyond the routine service. We generally construct halls or like in this building undertake the construction of the top floor, the underpinnings and the balconies using at least 133 tonnes of steel. We can of course build a spiral staircase or make art objects for the city of Vienna. We always try to make everything possible and provide the best solution. The same is true here when it came to the shading."

A large redevelopment project spanning several years

The building at Stumpergasse 60 in the heart of Vienna is one of those buildings that tourists just love to see: with historical architecture and lavish decorative features on the surface. But the building had become outdated and a reconstruction was necessary. The reconstruction began in 2013 and was completed two years later. "The building was gutted and the four floors were renovated. Duplex apartments with open-plan structures, large balconies, modern bathrooms and atriums were built", explains architect Isa Stein. "We also added an unconventional loft conversion to the existing building." Andreas Jaeschke from NILU Stahlbau Vienna and his team played a significant role in this work: "During the gutting we carried out steel structure reinforcements, we also installed 35 tonnes of steel in the attic and built floating balconies and glass railings. Then one day a completely different question arose: How can we ensure optimal shading?"

Weather conditions as decisive factor

"Of course when it comes to a design it is also about making the costs transparent and affordable", adds Isa Stein. The initial sketches were drawn up and proposed using printed fabrics for shading. These ideas were quickly discarded after the costs were defined. At the same time Isa Stein and Andreas Jaeschke came across the fascination site of MEVACO online. "We talked about the weather conditions in the city", the tradesman remembers, "about the harsh winters, the hot summers, wind and rain in spring and autumn. The idea to work with perforated sheet suddenly seemed obvious." Andreas Jaeschke suggested perforated sheets from several providers, but here too the calculator decided: "MEVACO couldn't be beaten in terms of the price-performance ratio. Also the advice and uncomplicated cooperation were top. And it's a good thing too because in the end we had enough to do with the technical implementation."

When detailed perfection is required

A total of 78 MEVACO perforated sheets EVH30x70 stainless steel 1.5 mm from the Creativ Line were used. "Initially there was the maths", states Andreas Jaeschke. "We had three sheet sizes, so we had to do our sums first. Firstly, we needed shading elements with a height of 4.30 metres and a width of 1.25 metres and secondly elements that were to be exactly 4.00 metres high. In order to achieve the dimensions we put together two perforated sheets. So that the breaks remain invisible, the wraparound edge had to merge perfectly. We also adjusted the holes of the touching perforated sheets precisely. We tested this out extensively on the computer in order to master this task. And the advice from MEVACO was also worth its weight in gold!"

Wonderful lighting effects enhance the culture of space

"Naturally the movable perforated sheet sliding elements give the building the desired modern look", explains Isa Stein. "But it is the inhabitants living in the spaces behind who mainly benefit from the fantastic lighting effects. The shading and lighting effect also makes spending time in the bathroom a pleasure." However, before getting this far the tradesman had to once more make improvements. "The last thing inhabitants and neighbours want is undesired rattling or clattering noises. A strong wind often blows through the street. When we were securing the sliding elements to stainless steel tubes we initially considered screws and studs. But we quickly moved away from this idea when we encountered the wind conditions. An optimal result would never have been achieved. Instead the perforated sheets were spot welded and bonded to the tubes. Inhabitants and neighbours can rest assured that there will be no more rattling or clattering here!"

A district with an atmosphere of new beginnings and renewal

Even though such a large renovation project cannot be completed overnight, in the end everything fell into place. "The 6th district around Stumpergasse is changing dramatically and is an area that is on the up", highlights Isa Stein. "This is due to the nearby Westbahnhof train station, one of the prettiest train stations in Austria and its underground shopping centre BahnhofCity Wien West as well as the redesigned Mariahilferstraße just around the corner." There are trendy pubs and shops in the district which attract young families just as much as the hip art scene of the city. "The façade of the renovated building with its sliding elements made from perforated sheets fits in particularly well here", adds Isa Stein. "It is no wonder we are receiving consistently positive feedback."


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