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This fence is an invitation, yet also serves as a protective element
This fence is an invitation, yet also serves as a protective element
This fence is an invitation, yet also serves as a protective element
This fence is an invitation, yet also serves as a protective element

This fence is an invitation, yet also serves as a protective element

The individual perforation was designed with CAD

How do you decide on the right garden fence for the new house? Florian Partl from the metalworking shop Metallbau Dekassian in Völs, Austria has the answer: “Our long-standing customer came to us with a fantastic idea. With this idea in mind we designed the fence in the CAD programme and then had it manufactured by MEVACO.” After all, the mission statement of Europe’s leading provider of expanded metals, perforated sheets, crimped mesh and welded mesh is to make personal wishes come true. And thus, there were no more obstacles standing in the way of this very specific dream garden fence.

Off-the-shelf or ready-made is so yesterday: MEVACO manufactured the fence based on an individual CAD drawing

What appears very easy at first glance can turn into a real challenge: Which garden fence suits my new house? A fence ultimately fulfils two tasks which could not be any more different. On the one hand, the fence should mark the property boundaries and protect the property. On the other hand, it cannot have a cold and repelling facade like a wall. “This is why we liked our customer’s idea right from the very start”, remembers Florian Partl from Metallbau Dekassian in Völs, Austria. “A perforated sheet fence in which we integrated the holes using visual judgement fulfils these two polarising tasks. The fence is stable enough for safety but appears pleasant and light thanks to the perforation. However, I was not able to simply order this individual “perforation based on a sense of proportion”. For this reason we drew everything in the CAD programme and sent this drawing to MEVACO.”

A recess for the 3D effect

The son of the CEO, Meinrad Partl, smiles when he thinks back to the order. In the Tyrol-based metalworking shop he is responsible for planning and work scheduling, which also involves design engineering and technical drawings produced using CAD systems. “We certainly encountered a few real challenges”, adds Florian Partl. “For instance, the customer wanted recesses so that the holes obtained a 3D effect. As the fence is a total of 19 metres long, is assembled in several multipiece elements and has a passageway and garden gate, we had to work extremely precisely in this large area.”

Intensive discussions with the customer

But before we could start with the assembly we first had to overcome the design stages together. And there were several designs! “I took an existing hole pattern and began to remove holes from the regular arrangement in the CAD programme. I copied the new perforation into the entire area of the fence. We were spoilt for choice because each change resulted in a completely new effect. I presented this design to the customer and we then discussed the design together in-depth: Should we use more holes here? And less there? Should we position the holes somewhere else in a completely new sequence? Eventually we arrived at the optimal solution, along the lines of what you see here today in the fence.”

Not possible with standard punching machines

Whilst the steel frame for the fence was already manufactured at the metalworking shop Metallbau Dekassian, this final design landed as a CAD drawing at MEVACO in Schlierbach. “It was clear right from the start that we would ask MEVACO to manufacture this product”, states Florian Partl. “Not many companies can punch such an unusual perforation because it is not possible with standard punching machines.” At MEVACO a 3 mm aluminium sheet was chosen, along with a punching tool for the round holes, Rv20-32. As MEVACO promises to have each desired product ready for shipment after four days it wasn’t long before the employees of Metallbau Dekassian had the punched sheets in their hands for further processing.

Built to last forever: Powder-coated perforated sheets

“For such an extremely pretty fence to last forever”, laughs Florian Partl, “we powder-coated the perforated sheets afterwards. And, of course, thoroughly cleaned them beforehand so that the coating and the material joined firmly.” Then the finished sheets were riveted into the steel frames. “We then assembled the fence on-site and fitted the entrance gate with an electronic motor.” The man of the house seemed delighted and the neighbours are also full of praise. What else could we have expected with a fence which fulfils two polarising tasks so well: Protecting the property without having a cold and repelling facade.


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