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Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding
Home with expanded metal cladding

Valley view with waves


A home with a view of the Inn Valley – a nice place to live! But it would be even nicer with a sea view. Unrealistic? No, you just need to design the balcony and terrace railing accordingly. With MEVACO aluminium perforated sheet Creativ Line Halfmoon (2 mm). When the light falls on the railing, the waves come all by themselves. The Seelaus metalworking shop in Barbian, South Tyrol made this dream come true. For a long-standing customer with a property in Münster (Austria).

See and marvel

There are people who love the mountains. And there are people who love the sea. But there are also people who love both. That’s when it gets difficult. Unless one has a resourceful metalworking shop to hand. For example, the small family-run business Seelaus from Barbian in South Tyrol. For its customer, the Seelaus metalworking shop fitted two terraces and a balcony with a railing made from MEVACO perforated sheet. But what has that got to do with the sea? The Creativ Line Halfmoon perforated sheet made from aluminium (2 mm) creates a wave pattern on the ground. Now the customer can enjoy a view of the mountains and the Inn Valley with a Mediterranean flair. Münster, which is in the Austrian district of Kufstein, is surrounded by the Rofan Mountains. And the home is located directly at the edge of the forest above the village. Pure paradise!

A customer straight out of a storybook

The customer was very lucky with the Seelaus metalworking shop. But the same also applies the other way around. “We long for such customers!”, states Christian Seelaus. Because we had relatively free rein in the implementation. “We showed the customer the perforated sheet in the MEVACO catalogue and created a drawing. Our customer was already impressed. Although originally he wanted a design made entirely from stainless steel.” The Seelaus metalworking shop convinced the customer effortlessly of the benefits of aluminium perforated sheet. With subsequent powder coating it looks just as impressive as stainless steel – the effect desired by the customer. The decision was made relatively quickly and the implementation could start.

The perfect wave – made from perforated sheet

Why exactly aluminium perforated sheet Creativ Line in halfmoon shape (2 mm)? “I like to try out new things”, explains Christian Seelaus. “I have done a great deal of work with MEVACO material and have had positive experiences. I had not yet come across this pattern. But I liked it at once.” The practical aspect naturally also played a role. Because powder-coated perforated sheet provides excellent corrosion protection. The metalworker decided on RAL colour 9005 deep black. As usual Christian Seelaus ordered the material online. “It is very practical. MEVACO has a super website. For example, the final prices are automatically displayed when the quantity is entered. If you have any questions you can simply pick up the phone and call MEVACO. That wasn’t necessary in this case, however. It was a relatively simple order.” Christian Seelaus was also very pleased with the delivery time. “Everything arrived very quickly. We had even ordered customised material. Sometimes this takes longer with other suppliers. But we were able to insert the filling elements directly after the assembly of the posts and handrails.”

Working with obstacles

The family-run company Seelaus made available two of its five employees for the project. The distance between Barbian–Münster is a good 140 km. The tradesmen therefore had to take into account a 3.5-hour journey for each assembly day. “The journey didn’t bother us”, adds Christian Seelaus. “We like working in Austria. And we have already completed many projects for this customer. It is also a good reference when you work across the border. Last but not least, it is a nice change.” The metalworking shop is very flexible in this regard. They were slightly less pleased with the work of the tilers: “The tilers didn’t mask our already assembled posts. They were filthy. It took us a full day to clean the posts again.” For someone who always delivers a professional job, this is unfathomable. The project took about 4-5 weeks altogether. “We weren’t of course always on site. We were away on the job one to two days. The time in between we spent looking after other construction sites”, explains the metalworker.

Perforated sheet perfect, everything else perfect

“The pattern looks really beautiful. I really like these virtual waves”, delights Christian Seelaus. “Personally, I would have maybe used slightly less stainless steel. But in the end this comes down to a matter of taste. And the customer is happy with the result.” The perforated sheet was not initially intended as a privacy screen here. Although it was of course also desired. The customer did not want to be fully exposed to prying eyes in such a prominent location. But it is mainly a decorative design feature. From the inside and the outside. “The railing was not completely fitted with panels. This allows more light in and the view is not obstructed”, explains the metalworker.


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