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PerfAction conquers the "city of beauty"

Staircase cladding made from steel perforated sheet

The attention to detail in the staircase is never-ending. When perforated sheets from MEVACO are used, then everything is done right. The Italians are generally known for their keen sense of design. It was thus no wonder they decided on a simple perforated sheet solution. Because this feels right at home in the "city of beauty". And the sense of well-being is definitely mutual. How could it be any different?

Beauty is the best driving force

“La Città della Bellezza”, the city of beauty, is what Vicenza is fondly called in Italy. Is beauty also the driving force behind the craft businesses located there? Michele Parma, head of the company Pavitecno, which specialises in interior design, smiles: “Absolutely”, he states. “I have made it my motto anyway to create a harmonious link between aesthetics and functionality. It often takes me a very long time to find the ideal solution, but I persevere.” For his customer Martina Chiaruttini he found the ideal solution with MEVACO. “I had already laid an oak floor in her apartment and considered cladding the stairs leading upstairs with glass. But I wasn‘t really happy with this idea. Up to that point I was not familiar with MEVACO but during my Internet research the creative solutions instantly caught my eye.” Here it was MEVACO steel perforated sheets with round holes RV 20-28 with a thickness of 2.00 mm and the specification PerfAction, on which a photo of the customer was attached. “We are all impressed”, confirms Michele Parma - and La Città della Bellezza has also lived up to its claim.

“My father founded the company Pavitecno here in Vicenza”, states Michele Parma with a sparkle in his eyes. “We specialise in making houses and apartments even more beautiful. We decorate walls and floors, both indoor and outdoor, make baths, lay wooden flooring, and fit stairs.” This fits very well with the “Città della Bellezza”, the city of beauty, which is the wonderful name given to Vicenza in Italy. Michele Parma’s customer Martina Chiaruttini was also looking for a staircase. An existing wooden staircase in her apartment was to be replaced.

Light, bright, perforated sheet

“It is not a very big apartment”, states Michele Parma. “Instead of the impractical spiral staircase my customer had something light and simple in mind. I had already laid a beautiful oak floor and then came the idea to clad the new staircase with glass. But I wasn‘t really happy with the idea of glass. Then I began thinking about metal, did some research online, and came across MEVACO. I was not familiar with the company but the website is clear and structured and I really enjoyed clicking through the numerous sections. Then I arrived at PerfAction, and I was fascinated by what I saw. I wanted to suggest this to my customer.” PerfAction from MEVACO is a technology which allows logos, pictograms, numbers, as well as photos, in various sizes, to be displayed with an astonishing depth in perforated sheets using punched holes. Michele Parma smiles. “I had already thought of a photo. I discussed the technology with Signora Chiaruttini but she was somewhat sceptical about the idea at the start. She herself had also considered decorating the room with a picture of her bathing in the sea but she still couldn’t imagine how this photo would look punched on metal.”

Staircase cladding with PerfAction

At this stage, Michele Parma asked himself whether a staircase panelling made from perforated sheet would actually meet the customer’s objective of “something light and bright”. “The advice from MEVACO during this phase was exemplary. I promptly received the right answer to every question. We were therefore also willing to have three samples manufactured which in the end fully convinced both my customer and me.” Now the actual work could commence. Michele Parma decided on the MEVACO perforated sheets made from steel, with round holes RV 20-28 and a sheet thickness of 2.00 mm, and the PerfAction specification.

Floating design

“I wanted to leave a gap of 10 centimetres between the individual perforated sheets. This gap creates the impression that the sheets are floating in the room.” There were some challenges to the art and craftsmanship concealed in this solution. “The staircase is guided over a central pillar, the steps are back-mounted. Each of the steps consists of a metal unit in which I embedded the wood panels. As everything is so delicate, I didn’t want to fit the perforated sheets on the staircase. Using MEVACO special accessories it was possible to fix the panels to the floor and the ceiling. As this was uneven, I made complex adjustments to the mounting elements. For the perforated sheets I chose the same width as for the steps which also ensured a balanced sense of space.”

Premiere with series potential

An empty space was now created between the staircase and the perforated sheet cladding. So that his customer is able to use this empty space Michele Parma installed an almost invisible door directly under the PerfAction photo. “Hinges from MEVACO were used here. Now I will build a wooden dresser which fits into the empty space perfectly and can be accessed through the perforated sheet door.” And how long did it all take from the implementation of the first idea to the finished design? Michele Parma smiles: “In this case it took a little bit longer than for a normal staircase. The decision-making, the quest for light – everything had to be carefully balanced. And it was also the very first time that I had worked with MEVACO PerfAction, but it certainly won’t be the last.” His customers will be pleased - and “La Città della Bellezza”, the city of beauty, too.


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