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New power for the Budapest clubbing scene

Expanded metal covering of ceilings, walls and furniture

Those seeking to attract night owls must offer more than bog standard features. On the clubbing scene the focus is more about new power. Expanded metal with rhomb-aligned mesh shape is just the thing for architecture firms. It gives ceilings, walls and furniture an unmatched urban look. Party animals are all about the design.

Fresh design for the leading party capital

“We were looking for a solid name”, states Péter Szendrő, owner of the architecture firm 81font in Budapest. “And ‘Kraft’ is apt in terms of the interior design of this trendy club.” The Kraft club is located centrally in the Hungarian capital close to the Four Seasons hotel and welcomes over 2,000 party revellers and dance fans night after night. The guests feel right at home here with an interior made almost entirely from MEVACO expanded metal (01 EM rhomb, galvanised). The specifications 8x4x1, 10x6x1, 12x6x2, 16x8x1.5 and 28x9x2.5 were used. Together with stylish lighting the Kraft club is further proof that Budapest is still one of the top party capitals. Project Manager Horváth Kristóf is also impressed: “We wanted a material which is synonymous with the term ‘power’, and we got just that with MEVACO expanded metal.”

“We are very familiar with the clubbing scene”, highlights Horváth Kristóf from the architecture firm 81font in Budapest stresses. “We are all young and are always going out clubbing”. It is no wonder that 81font can look back over an impressive list of projects: “In recent years we converted and redesigned some bars and lounges”, states Péter Szendrő, owner of 81font. We worked on hot spots such as the Doboz Bar, the Méter Bar and the Trafiq Bar, all trendy clubs in the Hungarian capital.

The epitome of power

But 81font raised the bar even higher with the Kraft club. “To be honest the premises looked dreadful on our first visit in 2012”, states Horváth Kristóf. “Everything was covered with plasterboard and that’s now outdated, a thing of the past. The minute we got the go-ahead for the renovation we gutted the building completely. We discovered concrete under the plasterboard, and it soon became apparent that we also wanted to use the concrete. This led to the idea of using expanded metal for the ceiling cassettes, walls and furniture. It is a material which for us is synonymous with the term ‘power’.”

Fascinating possibilities

“At the time we stumbled across the website of MEVACO and discovered the ‘Fascination’ section”, continues Horváth Kristóf. “We were indeed fascinated with what could be achieved with expanded metal. Our decision was made when we scrolled through the online catalogue. The selection is huge, the price is right, and the service is impeccable. We ordered MEVACO expanded metal 01 EM rhomb, galvanised, in the specifications 8x4x1, 10x6x1, 12x6x2, 16x8x1.5 and 28x9x2.5. Then we were able to get started on the work!” Over 300 square metres of expanded metal were installed altogether. “MEVACO provided us with the necessary documentation which facilitated the installation”, adds Horváth Kristóf. “With expanded metal you have to be very careful of the cutting edges, especially in public areas. We were very meticulous here.”

Industry design for night owls

The renovation work took eight months, then the reopening was just around the corner. “We also took care of this”, states Péter Szendrő. “First of all, we were looking for a solid name, which could link the MEVACO expanded metal and the concrete behind it. And that’s how we thought of ‘Kraft’. It sounds international which is important because Budapest is one of the top locations on the European clubbing scene.” The Kraft club enjoys a prominent location on István-Széchenyi Square, near the Four Seasons hotel and is just a few steps from the Danube and the chain bridge. The proximity to the river, however, is not important for the majority of the guests, explains Horváth Kristóf with a grin. “They are night owls”, he says. “They have more on their mind than the romantic view of the Danube at night.” “Our visitors are keen on industrial designs, they want the urban look, and of course they love to dance!” They get all this and more in the Kraft club: Night after night over 2,000 guests enjoy an international clubbing scene under MEVACO expanded metal with a music mix of hip hop, R’n’B, clubhouse and dancehall.


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