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Definitely the prettiest and safest panoramic view

Terrace and balcony railings made from perforated sheet

A spectacular view of the mountains is a wonderful thing. But safety also has to be addressed. At the same time, the protection system should fit into the overall concept. Creativ Line perforated sheet is designed precisely for this purpose. Terrace and balcony railings complement the view perfectly.

Enjoy the view of the mountains and valleys

When Serge Kourtchevsky decided to purchase a chalet in the French ski resort La Clusaz, he had three criteria in mind, which were just as steadfast as the Alps surrounding him: He researched the distance to Lake Annecy, Switzerland and Italy. He wanted to double the living space of the chalet. And he wanted to enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This is where MEVACO got involved: Creative Line perforated sheets, EVH 8x32 made from stainless steel, sanded on both sides, provide the necessary security for terraces and balconies. The owner-builder attached great importance to vertical and horizontal perforations on the stainless steel sheets because they reflect the landform of the region: “Here it is always ascending. And we have wide open spaces”, highlights the homeowner, as his gaze wanders around with delight.

It all began with an idea: After his time as an hotelier in the French ski resort of La Clusaz, it was clear to Serge Kourtchevsky that he wanted to spend his twilight years in this very region. The proximity to Lake Annecy in the Haute-Savoie department, Switzerland and Italy were three strong reasons for this decision. The fourth was a chalet which was calling out to be renovated. Together with his wife, he started to make plans: The living area was to be doubled to 300 square metres. A sauna and a fitness room would enhance daily life inside. And for the outside the canvas for the extra-large cinema was already in place: a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valleys required an adequate number of terraces and balconies, well-protected of course, so that guests can also enjoy the panoramic view which could make some dizzy!

Protection system with MEVACO

“I browsed online for all possible types of protection systems”, Serge Kourtchevsky remembers, “and I kept coming across the name MEVACO. The website was clearly structured, there was also a French and English version, so there were no language barriers. The imaginative application examples instantly caught my eye.” Serge Kourtchevsky planned to undertake a large part of the planning of the renovation himself. “It was my mission to design a practical transition from working life to retirement. In this case it is natural to rely on the sound advice of professionals, and I received this from MEVACO. The technical consultation team asked the right questions, while my wife and I were able to push forward our own ideas.”

Feng Shui with stainless steel perforated sheet

One of the ideas was Feng Shui, harmonization of the elements based on a Chinese style which the married couple first became aware of through a friend from Shanghai: “The water comes directly from the mountains, the earth is represented by the massive rock, for the fire we built an open fireplace, and the chalet itself is built from larch wood. For the metal element we decided on stainless steel sheets from MEVACO.” They chose Creative Line perforated sheets, EVH 8x32, sanded on both sides, with vertical and horizontal perforation, in order to reflect the landform of the region.

A spectacular view to be enjoyed for a long time

“Here it is always ascending and we have wide open spaces”, explains Serge Kourtchevsky, and adds: “The perforation leaves an elegant impression which we liked right from the start.” The assembly itself was a piece of cake after the owner-builder applied a little trick. “Using a small amount of grease, which I normally use for my tools for woodworking, the sheets can be fitted very easily”, Serge Kourtchevsky remembers smiling. “From that day I have never had to do anything with them; only the woodwork will need painting every few years.” Then he enjoys this view over and over again, which guests from overseas so aptly describe as ‘the million-dollar view’!”


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