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Superb way to dispose of waste

Stainless steel waste receptacles with perforated sheet

Waste bins are not usually a visual highlight. But they can be: With a covering made from perforated sheet Creativ Line Ellipse. You certainly don't need to hide these stainless steel waste receptacles. Because they look as pretty and well-maintained as the actual bouse and garden!

Perfect craftsmanship with MEVACO

“It is quite evident that we have fulfilled people’s needs”, proudly states Detlef Böttcher, head of the metalworking shop at Remscheid prison. “The demand for our stainless steel waste receptacles is huge. We are now selling them throughout Germany.” MEVACO Creative Line Ellipse perforated sheets, EVH 8x32, in stainless steel with a thickness of 1.50 mm are used to make the waste receptacles. “With Creative Line our customers can choose whatever design they like”, explains Detlef Böttcher. “Our customer preferences take top priority: We offer everything from 1 to 4 receptacles. We also offer hinged lids and front doors with magnetic fastenings.” It is no surprise that the stainless steel waste receptacles from Remscheid prison have become a top seller: “If you google stainless steel waste receptacles”, says Detlef Böttcher, “you’ll find us at the very top, without having invested in any large-scale advertising.” Perfect craftsmanship with MEVACO Creative Line simply pays off.

“I think every craftsman walks around with his eyes wide open”, states Detlef Böttcher, head of the metalworking shop at the Remscheid prison. “It is curiosity that inspires us and the motivation to make the world outside a more beautiful place.” He has already succeeded in this respect: Whilst out walking Detlef Böttcher noticed “that people had pretty fences around their homes and gardens but the waste bins in front of the property spoiled the good impression.”

Stainless steel waste receptacles from Remscheid

At the time he had just completed his master’s certificate and taken over the metalworking shop at Remscheid prison. “Before that I worked as a toolmaker in the automotive industry and then I managed a production facility. As a foreman, at the outset I was interested in displaying good personnel management. The metalworking shop at Remscheid prison arrived at the right time as a new professional challenge.” It was small and clearly structured, until the walk. “After that we produced a prototype. I was already familiar with MEVACO and was always satisfied with their products. It was therefore obvious that I was also going to procure MEVACO sheets for the stainless steel waste receptacles. The initial feedback from customers made it clear: we had struck a chord with people. The investment quickly paid off. Today if you google stainless steel waste receptacles, you’ll find us at the very top, without having invested in large-scale advertising. The waste receptacles can now be ordered online throughout Germany on”

An exceptional achievement from the prototype to series production with craftsmanship quality

When, soon after the manufacture of the prototype, MEVACO Creative Line was launched on the market, nothing stood in the way of handling individual customer requests. “The MEVACO Creative Line Ellipse perforated sheets, EVH 8x32, in stainless steel with a thickness of 1.50 mm as a basic material, combined with our high-quality work in the metalworking shop, accounted for our success in the end”, states Detlef Böttcher. “Our people are able to perform the necessary bending and welding work and also build the frames. We also polish and sand, which is very important with stainless steel. I am able to draw on plentiful resources. At a stretch, at times I delegate ten people to sanding.” It is now possible because the metalworking shop has experienced considerable growth: “Thanks to the waste receptacles there are now 31 people in the metalworking shop”, laughs Detlef Böttcher. “We work in line with DIN standards, employee skilled personnel and train them. Ultimately, working in the metalworking shop also serves as a form of social rehabilitation and helps people to re-enter the labour market after their release.”

Quality is the decisive factor

It sounds like the stainless steel waste receptacles have been a great success for Remscheid prison. And the fairy has even waved her magic wand! “This year we are also getting a waterjet cutting machine”, says Detlef Böttcher. “That was my long-held wish. Now we are able to meet our customers’ requirements in a more tailored manner, by attaching lettering and logos to the stainless steel waste receptacles.” Detlef Böttcher is then called back to work in the metalworking shop. He says goodbye and makes a prediction: “I will need even more perforated sheets from MEVACO Creative Line in the coming years!” But one thing he feels very strongly about: “I have many colleagues on the outside. We know each other and get on well. That’s why I don’t sell the products at dumping prices. We sell the stainless steel waste receptacles at market conditions.” Quality is ultimately the decisive factor. And Detlef Böttcher makes no compromises on quality in the metalworking shop in Remscheid prison.


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