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Individual design with photo sheet

Images with depth effect for Sparkasse Dachau

Sparkasse Dachau wanted to redesign the interior of its customer lounge. Michael Krause was commissioned with this task. The artist decided to use photo sheet made from aluminium. Processed with the PerfAction solution from MEVACO. With this technology photo perforated sheet becomes a unique design element.

PerfAction is perfection in action

The best ideas are those where everybody goes: “But of course. Why didn’t I think of that myself?” Maybe this is what happened when the Sparkasse Dachau commissioned the artist Michael Krause to style their customer lounge, which had been converted by the interior architect Bernhard Rückert. Michael Krause transferred the idea of the bridges, which are depicted on the back of all Euro bank notes, into the room and thus created a link between the bank and its customers. Using PerfAction from MEVACO, an image of the Kokoros Bridge – which is located close to the Greek city of Epirus - was punched into 5 aluminium perforated sheets with a thickness of 2.00 mm; Michael Krause then integrated these into the new lounge. Christoph Zahn, Marketing manager of the Sparkasse Dachau, says: “We get a lot of positive feedback.” PerfAction from MEVACO is a technology that allows you to present photos, company logos, pictograms and figures with stunning depth effects by means of punched perforations in different sizes.

Photo sheet turns the visit into an art experience

No one likes waiting. But when you have no other choice, it should at least be in pleasant surroundings. This is what the Sparkasse Dachau had in mind when it commissioned the local interior architect Bernhard Rückert with the conversion of the existing customer waiting area. Bernhard Rückert made use of the room’s existing design with its curved wall and created two circular entrances. The artist Michael Krause from Altomünster then busied himself with the interior design: “Dachau is a city in which water plays an important role, what with the river Amper and its tributaries the Maisach, Würm, Gröbenbach, Aschenbach and Mühlbach, not to mention what remains of the Schleißheim canal dating from the 18th century. Where so much water converges, naturally there are also bridges, for which I have a particular soft spot as I am a qualified stonemason. They bring people together which is also the basic idea behind the Euro banknotes. There is always a bridge on the back of the bank notes, a suitable allegory I also find for the waiting lounge of a bank.” What Michael Krause, however, did not want was a simple photo of just any bridge. “How this relates to the real architectural context is important. The round arch of the selected bridge corresponds, in a subtle manner, with the circular entrances and curved wall of the new lounge. A bridge that didn’t fit in with the surroundings did not correspond with the image the Sparkasse has of itself either. It is, after all, not only a committed sponsor of the SMEs in the Dachau administrative district, but also the largest non-governmental patron of the arts in the region.”

Computer-aided punching for maximum precision

It was also a big plus factor that Michael Krause likes to work with unusual materials like grass, concrete or steel. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich as well as at Goldsmiths College in London and often works on the fusion of image and material. “It is fascinating to be able to achieve a depth effect in a planar base material. This is what I wanted to achieve and how I came upon PerfAction from MEVACO. This is a technology with which photos, company logos, pictograms and figures can be displayed in perforated sheet applications by means of punched perforations in different sizes. I drove to Schlierbach and took a look at the production shop, at how the machine punches the huge number of perforations based on a photo that is specially converted, for this purpose, by a computer program.”

The best bridge to the customer - thanks to photo perforated sheet

MEVACO uses a software from its partner “Fotoblech” from Austria for the conversion of the images. Michael Krause then selected the right bridge from his extensive archive. “I had dynamic shapes in mind”, he explains, “in order to do justice to the dominating element in the lounge, namely its “curves”. Thanks to MEVACO perforated sheets, I was able to make the 2D image of the bridge appear 3D in order to give the lounge an extra sense of depth.” The decision was thus taken in favour of the Kokoros Bridge close to the Greek city of Epirus, whose image was transferred with PerfAction from MEVACO onto five aluminium perforated sheets with a thickness of 2.00 mm and this with an astounding photo-realistic reproduction of the colour gradients and shadows. To give the bridge image that final touch, all five MEVACO perforated sheets were powder coated after production. Michael Krause decided on RAL 9010 pure white: “The white perforated sheets show off the motif quite superbly and the colour fits in harmoniously with the room design of the waiting area.”

Photo sheet: Small holes, big effect

The Sparkasse lounge was thus a pleasant opportunity for Michael Krause to show off what he can also do outside of art galleries. As the winner of the London Economist Sculpture Prize and former scholarship student at the “Cité Internationale des Arts” in Paris, he exhibits his creations both at home and abroad and his work can now be viewed in his home country at a location that is used every day by many people. Christoph Zahn, marketing manager of the Sparkasse Dachau, explains: “Our customers now have a wonderful lounge that radiates a sense of calm and is nevertheless full of energy.” As we already mentioned, no one likes waiting. But when you have no other choice, it should at least be in pleasant surroundings.


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