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Perfect match in terms of safety

Building footbridge with expanded metal

The safety of people takes top priority. But the protective elements should also look nice. Such as a modern building footbridge with expanded metal. It allows light and air through, and, at the same time, provides protection. Play it safe with an expanded metal fence from MEVACO.

Don't get sidelined - with an expanded metal fence

The 1. FC Ingolstadt 04 is not just doing well in the "2. Bundesliga" but can also be proud of its development of promising young players. From the U10 to the U23 teams, the players feel very much at home in the Audi Sportpark with its capacity of 15,800. MEVACO expanded metal, rhomb 50x22x4, steel, hot-dipped galvanised and powder-coated, plays its part here as fall protection on a footbridge that connects the young players` building and the functional building. The company Gebrüder Peters Gebäudetechnik GmbH was commissioned with the creation of this fall protection installation. Project manager Martin Höfelmayr remembers: "We divided the expanded metal into 4 frames, clamped it in the middle with T-iron and on the outside with flat iron in order to achieve the desired visual harmony." A harmony that 1. FC Ingolstadt also likes to show on the pitch.

Don't let in any goals and you have got to make the most of your chances! The teams of 1. FC Ingolstadt 04 have obviously taken this football truism to heart, as their success speaks for itself. Regardless of whether it is the young players, the 2nd team in the "Regionalliga Bayern" or the professionals in the "2. Bundesliga" - the football club from Germany's youngest city gives its fans plenty to cheer about. It has also made a good name for itself as a place for discovering and developing new talents. The most recent investment also focusses on the young players. The persons responsible commissioned a new 9 m long footbridge in order to connect the young players` building with the functional building with fan shop, changing rooms, showers and saunas.

Completely rustproof: Coated expanded metal

A challenge for the company Gebrüder Peters Gebäudetechnik GmbH, the winner of the "Bayerischer Familienunternehmer 2013" (Bavarian Family-owned Enterprise 2013). Martin Höfelmayr remembers: "Length fluctuations of up to 2.5 cm arise between summer and winter temperatures in the case of such a long footbridge. This had to be taken into account. The question that was on our mind in relation to the MEVACO expanded metal, rhomb 50x22x4, steel, thickness: 2.00 mm, hot-dipped galvanised and powder-coated after protection as fall protection for the footbridge was: Will it warp or remain straight when placed into the zinc bath at 400 degrees? In any case, all our fears were for nothing and with approx. 80 µm zinc on the metal, it is now absolutely rustproof."

Expanded metal fence for complete harmony

Martin Höfelmayr smiles to himself: "Even so, we still powder coated it. Rust now has absolutely no chance here with the expanded metal. This is important as the focus here on the footbridge is ultimately personal safety. We then divided the expanded metal into 4 frames, clamped it in the middle with T-iron and on the outside with flat iron. We were thus able to achieve the desired visual harmony." A harmony that is a key part of things in all areas of 1. FC Ingolstadt 04. The contract with the World Cup runner-up, Intercontinental Cup winner and Champions League winner, Thomas Linke, as sports director has just been extended. "The club has great potential" says Linke - this can already be seen in this long footbridge made safe with MEVACO expanded metal.


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