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Physical activities and outdoor adventure without any risk of injury

School equipment shed made from expanded metal, rhomb-aligned

Once school finishes things can get a little wild! But thankfully nobody is at risk of injury. Because an equipment shed made from plastic-coated expanded metal has no sharp edges. The equipment is stored in the shed and is well protected and kept dry. The perfect material was found with aluminium expanded metal, rhomb-aligned.

Optimally protected against an onslaught of students

Dieter Lugsteiner can breathe easy when the pupils of the new secondary school in Imst, Austriaare let loose once classes are over for the day. The metal worker knows that the equipment shed located just beside the school can withstand any heaving mass of pupils thanks to robust MEVACO expanded metal, rhomb 62x25.5x9.1, aluminium with anthracite coating. Dieter Lugsteiner decided right from the start on this plastic coating in order to exclude any danger due to sharp edges. The material is also easy to screw on due to the wide bridges. "A-OK!", is how he sums it up. "The equipment shed is now 3 years old and is as stable now as on the very first day. We definitely selected the right material!"

An equipment shed made from expanded metal is, of course, not the only attraction to see in the city of Imst, which is located in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol. For example, the many historical drinking fountains that have given Imst the name the "City of fountains". A glance upwards will leave you immediately captivated by the magnificent backdrop of the Muttekopf mountain, which is over 2,700 m high.

It is the small things that matter

But sometimes it's not the major attractions that matter but rather the small things in life. The question for a school such as the new secondary school in Imst was: Where do we put all the equipment that is constantly used in everyday school life? It was obvious during the school renovation in 2010-12 that an equipment shed was needed. It was also clear that it had to be robust – and not only because the school has a strong sports emphasis and offers classes in climbing, skiing, tobogganing and mountain biking and the pupils could at times use the shed for "practice purposes".

Light and airy protection with expanded metal

"Two practical advantages of expanded metal were the key in this connection", says the metal worker entrusted with this task, Dieter Lugsteiner. "On the one hand privacy protection, on the other hand air permeability." Dieter Lugsteiner was, in particular, familiar with MEVACO perforated sheets, "I hadn't used expanded metal before. However, I took a look at the samples and soon had what I was looking for: Expanded metal, rhomb 62x25.5x9.1, aluminium with anthracite coating met all our requirements. I decided right from the start on this plastic coating in order to exclude any danger due to sharp edges. The material is easy to screw on due to the wide bridges. Because damp equipment is stored, time and again, in the equipment shed, it is important that everything can dry quickly. As it were through ventilation thanks to expanded metal!"

Extremely tough

Dieter Lugsteiner, who is the third generation of his family to run the company, continues to use expanded metal: "I often accept smaller jobs like this equipment shed. MEVACO perforated sheets and expanded metals are often ideal for such jobs. We recently built a new waste container shed at the school. Robustness and air permeability were also called for here; we thus naturally decided again in favour of expanded metal." And if a few pupils should at some stage decide to use Dieter Lugsteiner's creation as a gym object: MEVACO expanded metal will have no problem dealing with this!


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