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Benefit threefold: The expanded metal façade

All protection benefits under one roof

An expanded metal façade gives you three significant advantages: First of all good ventilation, secondly weather protection, and thirdly high stability. An expanded metal façade was used for an ecological seminar building. And the village of Arnsgrün is a little brighter thanks to MEVACO.

Which way to the façade with expanded metal?

"Be open to new ideas": This slogan perfectly encapsulates the architecture of Alfred Görstner, who in addition to his studies at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar also qualified as a specialist engineer for heritage conservation and later acquired an international "Master in Membrane Structures". It is thus no surprise that it didn't take long for the excellent properties of MEVACO expanded metal to be discovered by such an accomplished individual. He used rhomb 110x52x24, aluminium for his wood-frame construction according to environmental design principles in his guest house and seminar rooms in Arnsgrün. He was thus immediately able to avail himself of 3 advantages of MEVACO expanded metal. In fact, the material practically suggested itself due to the fact that protective panelling must be rear ventilated. Also,water can not enter, as the inclined bridges face downwards. Last but not least, expanded metal becomes stable and torsionally rigid when surrounded by a lightweight frame.

"It all started with the purchase of a small shop which was no longer in use - known as "Konsum" in the GDR times – located in the heart of Arnsgrün", remembers Alfred Görstner. "Such shops are now something of a rare commodity in the Vogtland uplands, which is why we didn't want to give this one up . At the same time, everything also spoke in favour of a building extension: A guest house with seminar rooms was to be built that fitted in harmoniously with the village of Arnsgrün and projected its creative thinking for all to see."

Ecological wooden frame with expanded metal façade

It was not an easy task that his partner Katrin Liesch demanded of the architect. The structural engineering calculation of the existing basic building alone required an individual solution. "Once we had renovated and partially reinforced this, we placed a reinforced concrete floor on top that projected 6 m in the direction of the pond. It was on this that we constructed the wood-frame construction according to environmental design principles. This, in turn, needed protective panelling." This is where MEVACO expanded metal, rhomb 110x52x24, aluminium, came into play.

Expanded metal as airy protective panelling

"I had previously used expanded metal", explains Alfred Görstner, "and it was also the ideal material here. On the one hand, because a protective panelling has to be rear ventilated. Expanded metal has the advantage that additional air movements occur in addition to the rear ventilation in the protective panelling area. The subsurface is thus aerated, which is a good thing from a constructional perspective. Also,water can not enter as the inclined bridges face downwards. On the other hand, it has another advantage: Expanded metal becomes stable and torsionally rigid where provided with a lightweight frame. I advise my fellow architects to commission an experienced metalworking company for this task. As very precise work is required so that the frame and joint patterns fit together."

Know-how: New ideas for the façade made from expanded metal

Alfred Görstner smiles to himself and lets us in on a little trick: "We took hard rubber from the conveyor belt production and placed it in between so that the metal doesn't directly sit on the wall." Well, as already mentioned, you have to be open to new ideas! This also applied for the colour design. All options were also left open for the decision-maker here thanks to MEVACO expanded metal. "We selected a red powder coating. This dash of modernity came as somewhat of a surprise to the people in the village, but in the end everyone was happy." Naturally also about the opening of the associated shop, which supplies the village and region with home-made jams and jellies, felt and sewn products, souvenirs made from wood and clay and about the numerous seminar guests who regularly come to Arnsgrün.

MEVACO expanded metal as orientation aid

"Because I incorporate ideas from painting into architecture", says Alfred Görstner, "I also give painting classes in the building." There are also felt-making and spinning classes. In the meantime, you can also attend yoga classes. Guests feel at home in the individually designed rooms and there is also lots of space for letting your hair down. "We can cater comfortably for up to 45 guests", laughs Alfred Görstner. "The answer when people ask "where do I find the Arnsgrün guest house" is always: It is the wooden building with the beautiful expanded metal."


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