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A creative achievement fit for higher education

Staircases and learning boxes made from perforated sheets

Schools can also offer some pleasant surprises. They can be surprisingly quiet but still look stylish. For example, when one covers absorbent surfaces of staircases and learning boxes with perforated sheets. Then a technical necessity becomes an attractive design element.

Perfect acoustics for bright minds

Learning is not just for school but for life as the saying goes. It is even better where the school facilitates learning to the degree that the newly designed Wolfenbüttel secondary school does, as life is also enriched as a result. MEVACO perforated sheets R5 T8, steel, thickness: 2.00 mm, powder-coated after production played their part here in the staircases and learning boxes. Architect Markus Kaupert from "petersen pörksen partner architekten und stadtplaner bda" and Kristin Wießel, project manager at the Schlosserei Metallbau Wilhelm Schulze Töchter GmbH relate how they were able to solve a challenge perfectly in which the acoustics, above all, played an important role. How? Via absorber surfaces with a 35 % perforation rate and fusible fleece on the inside.

The four-wing complex of the Wolfenbüttel Renaissance Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Lower Saxony. Integrated into this is a secondary school, which was expanded by the Lübeck architects of "petersen pörksen partner architekten und stadtplaner bda" to include a new building to replace pavilions from the 1960s. The central design idea was a three-storey "counterpart" vis-à-vis the Renaissance castle in which, in addition to specialist rooms , the canteen would be located.

Panelling for staircases and learning boxes

The architect Markus Kaupert explains: "The central hall of the new building connects the canteen on the ground floor with the work galleries that represent free learning areas for the pupils. MEVACO perforated sheets, R5 T8, steel, thickness: 2.00 mm, powder-coated after production, were used both in the staircases and in these learning boxes." The acoustics of the premises played a very special role in this connection. "Absorber surfaces had to be attached", explains Markus Kaupert. Kristin Wießel, project manager at Schlosserei Metallbau Wilhelm Schulze Töchter GmbH, which was responsible for executing the architect's vision, continued: "We decided on a 35 % perforation rate for the learning boxes and then a fusible fleece on the inside in order to block out the noise." "The perforated sheets allowed for a two-dimensional design of the absorbers in the architectural elements", adds Markus Kaupert. "It was combined with a panelling made from dark phenol resin coated plywood. The learning boxes and staircases thus come across as suspended, sleek, dark-red trimmed bodies."

Everything to individual measurements

"It was, overall, a very demanding job” remembers Kristin Wießel, and thus ideal for the customised items that the Schlosserei Metallbau Wilhelm Schulze Töchter GmbH from Gardelegen specialises in: "We constructed a framework made from reinforced concrete for the staircases, mounted the substructure on this and the coated panels on that. These were across-the-board individual on-site measurements. We measured everything on-site accurately to the millimetre, produced drawings and sent these to MEVACO. After delivery, we mounted the panels in their as-delivered status to see if everything fitted - and it did! - we then removed them, had them coated and mounted them again."

Finely perforated for more lightness

Markus Kaupert confirms the precise execution of his planning. "Everything was realised just as we wanted it", he says. "In the end, both the selected material and colour were decisively influenced by local factors. For example the red colour matches the hollow tiles of the roofs in the surrounding area. We also learned something valuable, namely that MEVACO perforated sheets can be edged and joined like plain sheets; it comes across, however, as much lighter in its appearance due to the fine perforation." As already mentioned, learning is not just for school but for life. And, sometimes as in the case of a new building for a school, it is also for life.

Suitable for meetings!

Privacy and sun protection made from expanded metal


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