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Architects' favourite: Façade made from perforated aluminium sheet

Modern design for old building

Transforming the old into something hip: A façade design with perforated sheets brings life to a building. Many a dilapidated old building has been restored. A perforated sheet façade opens up undreamt-of possibilities to architects who are happy to experiment. You'll be surprised!

Eye-catcher: Façade made from perforated aluminium sheet

Pull down or renovate? The buildings in the Johannes Lau Hof residential complex in the Vahrenwald district of Hanover, dating from 1954, were beginning to show their age. The decision regarding how best to proceed was realised in the form of an architectural competition held by the building`s owner, the Heimkehr Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG. The architect's office "Kerstin Pfeifer-Wernicke" was commissioned with renovating and modernising 6 apartment buildings. MEVACO perforated sheets C25 U35 (aluminium and pre-galvanised) were able to show themselves at their best in the project. The perforated sheets were powder-coated after production in order to inject some colour into the building. The seamless installation was carried out by the company Lams Stahlbau Gmbh. Kerstin Pfeifer-Wernicke sees this approach to old buildings, i.e. the new floor plan layout and modern façade design, as a growth market.

Germany has a huge number of old buildings that require renovation, particularly from the period of its economic miracle in the 1950s. The buildings constructed in this period require renovation and also no longer correspond to what present-day owners and tenants expect of their living space. Neither do they cater to the needs of our ageing society. What should you do? Pull them down and build again? "This is not always the right decision", suggests the architect Kerstin Pfeifer-Wernicke from Hanover. "Building owners are often looking for the most economical solution. This is one reason why we are doing more and more renovations."

Building saviour - perforated aluminium sheet façade

Some architects are already speaking of how the city of tomorrow will be made from the buildings of yesteryear. But first they have to be fully updated, as was the case for the Johannes Lau Hof residential complex in Hanover-Vahrenwald. "It already starts with the fact", explains Kerstin Pfeifer-Wernicke, "that a 3-room apartment in the 1950s usually had an area of 62 m2. Today this figure has increased significantly namely to 75 m2. Usually the floor plans are also outdated. Not to mention the requirements that must be observed in line with the Energy Saving Ordinance." The idea of placing the staircases, incl. lift, in front of the respective buildings came about for the Johannes Lau Hof project in order to fulfil the needs with regard to barrier-free living. "This is how I came upon MEVACO perforated sheets", explains the architect.

Perforated aluminium sheet for a bright splash of colour

"As the idea was to supplement the staircases with access balconies. With the façade painted in muted white and the windows in subdued grey, the versatile design of the perforated sheets allowed us to introduce more colour into the building. The incidence of light was also important to us, as the front doors and windows to people's lives are located behind the perforated sheets. We thus specified our desired dimensions and were very pleased with the result both in terms of the perfect fit of the pre-cut parts and ease of installation. We used MEVACO perforated sheets C25 U35, thickness: 2.00 mm, both pre-galvanised and aluminium and powder-coated after production. The expert installation was realised by the company Lams Stahlbau GmbH."

Renovation with vision thanks to perforated aluminium sheet façade

For Kerstin Pfeifer-Wernicke, the renovation of the Johannes Lau Hof residential complex was the first project in which she used MEVACO perforated sheets. However, it will probably not be the last! There are, after all, many buildings in need of renovation and the architect knows, "that real estate companies in particular are investing more and more in the old properties." An investment that was also worthwhile in this case for the building`s owner, the Wohnungsgenossenschaft Heimkehr eG. The new floor plan layout and modern façade design with MEVACO perforated sheets as well as the maximum energy-efficient standard ensured that the 48 barrier-free apartments were quickly rented out.


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