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Pleasant indoor climate despite metal roof

Rear ventilation with perforated sheets for facades and roofs

Metal roofs are a beautiful thing! But the air circulation must be guaranteed. And without any small animals making their way into the building. This works well when one uses a perforated sheet in front of the rear ventilation structure. A pleasant indoor climate is guaranteed without any unwanted guests from outdoors.

A roof must also be able to breathe

Is there an alternative to conventional roof design? Yes, there is. Due to climatic reasons, more and more buildings are being built with metal roofs. Here the following must be taken into account: it must be possible to evaporate the moisture enclosed due to construction and circulate air between the metal covering and substructure. An appropriate rear ventilation structure guarantees this. This, however, entails a new problem: small animals can get behind it. This must be prevented. The insulation is securely and reliably protected thanks to the perforated sheeting in front of the rear ventilation. For all types of small animals this means “we have to stay outside”. And this without impairing the actual function of the rear ventilation.


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