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Attract potential customers

With wall cladding made from perforated sheets

Corporate design is a basic prerequisite for sustainable business success. But it also has to be really "unique". Wall cladding made from aluminium perforated sheets ensures a unique appearance. As a design element, it can also guide customers through a building. Which is very practical, for example, at an airport.

A unique appearance

"Feel the difference!" It is under this motto that the Italian company ParkinGO are banking on a clever idea. The customer's vehicle is parked in a ParkinGO car park and a shuttle brings the passenger to the terminal. The passenger can, in this connection, benefit from a wide range of services. MEVACO aluminium perforated sheets R15 T21 play an important role here as they create a unique corporate design for ParkinGO. ParkinGO currently serves 9 airports. The studio APE from Rivoli in Turin is responsible for the architecture behind ParkinGO.

This is definitely what you would call a market with a future; last year, 20 million passengers passed alone through the Italian airport Milan Malpensa, which is the second largest airport in the country. Every one of these passengers is a potential customer of the company ParkinGO Malpensa and its unique service. A clever idea was implemented to capitalise on the fact that time pressure and stress usually define the time before and after a flight for passengers. Here the passenger's car is parked in a ParkinGO car park and a shuttle then conveniently brings the person to the terminal on time. There are numerous services available to the passenger in transit, e.g. quick check-in.

Simple solutions to difficult problems

"It was important to us to work on the corporate identity in order to emphasise the quality of this offer and ensure brand recognition for the ParkinGO service stations", explains Gianluca Alessio, who runs studio APE from Rivoli in Turin together with Francesco Zannier. The architecture office is responsible for the overall corporate identity of ParkinGO. The two architects took up the cause of "Soluzione semplici a problemi complessi", i.e. simple solutions to difficult problems. "MEVACO perforated sheets proved to be the ideal material for this purpose. A band made from MEVACO aluminium perforated sheets R15 T21 runs through the entire building and accompanies the customer from the entrance into the ParkinGO car park up to the shuttle station", explains Gianluca Alessio. "It leads and guides the customer and thus provides a quick and uncomplicated overview."

Interesting visual highlights

The architects from studio APE exploited all the visual possibilities offered by MEVACO perforated sheets. "On the one hand, the material is ideal for both indoors and outdoors", says Gianluca Alessio. "It allows for ever-changing, interesting visual highlights thanks to the round perforation. We exploited this fact and installed the perforated sheets - based on the function of the spaces - either in front of white walls or glass to create a visual interplay in the architectural design. The perforated sheets allow for a uniform dynamism in the corporate identity of ParkinGO." Both architects picked up on the slogan "Feel the difference" of ParkinGO. The ParkinGO service helps make the life of its customers a little bit easier. This ease is also brought across via the 3D effect of MEVACO perforated sheets. It is not overwhelming from a design perspective and is convincing due to its clear geometry. The material can breathe even though it is made from aluminium."

A partner with great flexibility

There are now 9 ParkinGO locations in Italy and further expansions are planned. MEVACO aluminium perforated sheets R15 T21 should also ensure for the unique corporate identity of ParkinGO there. "MEVACO is a very flexible business partner", praises Gianluca Alessio. "Regardless of whether I order a large number of products or only 2 or 3 items, it always runs like clockwork. This gives me a great deal of freedom in my role as architect." And so the circle is complete: MEVACO ensures quality and brand recognition for the customers of ParkinGO as well as quality and synergy for architects.


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