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World's best artists working with expanded metal

Household and garden furniture made from aluminium, steel, and lots of other materials

Whether it is garden furniture made from aluminium or steel - it all works with expanded metal. Even indoor household furniture! Innovative designers worldwide have already discovered expanded metal. For example, Oscar Maschera and Nestor Perkal. Their seating furniture range is urban living design for indoors and outdoors. Take a seat!

Art is in the hot seat: "Caballito Blanco"

Whether it is the New York Times, Interior Design or Elle - the international press all agree that the Italian Oscar Maschera is one of the world's best artists when it comes to working with leather. Together with the Argentinian designer Nestor Perkal, he has now discovered MEVACO. The result is the "Caballito Blanco" seating furniture series, which is made from expanded steel in rhomb 43x10x2.5x2, with naturally tanned leather, hand-woven woolen materials as well as sheepskin, which is processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Welcome to Candelara, a rural idyll close to the Italian port of Pesaro. The microstate San Marino is located just around the corner, while the Monte San Bartolo National Park is also close-by; the Adriatic Sea is, naturally, always within sight. Oscar Maschera, together with his wife Claudia Serafini, selected this area as inspiration for his extraordinary creations. The international press has hailed him as one of the world's best and most successful artists working with leather for over 30 years.

Inspiring household and garden furniture

"Oscar likes to combine leather with other materials", explains Claudia Serafini. "Working with expanded metal was, however, a completely new experience for him." Inspiration again played a prominent role in this connection. "One of our friends is the Argentinean designer Nestor Perkal. He presented his latest idea to us for a seating furniture series with the name "Caballito Blanco" during one of our visits to his studio in Paris.

Cool metal with warm leather

This design is based on Nestor's Argentinean roots and reflects his connection to his homeland. A metal mesh was envisaged as the substructure, something which Oscar found to be a very good idea. He was inspired by the combination of cool metal and the natural material leather." This led to an intensive Internet search for a suitable supplier of expanded metals. "This is how we came upon MEVACO", continues Claudia Serafini. "Luckily for us is all I can say. As MEVACO proved to be the perfect partner for the implementation of this idea. Oscar wanted to present the metal as a contemporary material, which would really accentuate the traditional appeal of his covers made from leather, wool and sheepskin.

Expanded metal for everywhere

The expanded metal had to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also had to be able to adapt to the design. We decided in favour of MEVACO, because the company was able to make the expanded metal available to us in customised form, in precisely the right dimensions in a quick and straightforward manner." Oscar used this to create seating furniture in three different sizes and heights, which are flying off the shelves as stools, side tables, footrests, newspaper racks or also as a modern version of a rocking horse. Powder-coated MEVACO steel expanded metal in rhomb 43x10x2.5x2 is used in the seating furniture. Leather, textiles and sheepskin are used as the covers. The leather is naturally tanned and dyed using vegetable dyes. The textiles come from Argentina and are hand-woven on traditional looms.

Quality partner - MEVACO

"We always use the best quality material", explains Claudia Serafini. "The environmental aspect is, in this connection, very important to us. We also attach great importance to meeting the individual requirements of our customers. This is particularly easy with MEVACO as a partner. We are already in the planning phase for further products by combining perforated sheets and/or expanded metal with leather now that we have discovered the incredibly large MEVACO product range of expanded metals and perforated sheets."


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