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This steel delivers: Privacy screen made from metal

A pool with privacy protection thanks to perforated sheets

You certainly also want your private life to remain private? If so, you should consider steel perforated sheets as a privacy screen. Metal is the material designers are looking to for divine inspiration. Perforated sheets from MEVACO are also easy to maintain. Undisturbed swimming pleasure that lasts a long time.

Safe from prying eyes, but still with fantastic views

There are over 660,000 private swimming pools in Germany according to a study carried out by the market research company GfK, with 12,000 new pools being built every year. A market full of opportunity in which Petra Ketzer with her company "Rund ums Schwimmbad" is making quite a splash. A pool with privacy protection made from MEVACO perforated sheets R20 U48.5, hot-dip galvanised steel, can now be found on her company's exhibition area. "More and more customers are deciding in favour of privacy protection. Their top priority, in this connection, is that it is easy to maintain. This is where perforated sheets stand out from all the other materials", says the company owner.

After France and Spain, Germany is already the 3rd biggest European market for private swimming pools. There are 660,000 pools in Germany acc. to a study carried out by the market research company GfK, with 12,000 new pools being built every year. It's not surprising that Petra Ketzer with her company "Rund ums Schwimmbad" can't complain about a shortage of work!

First choice: Privacy screen made from steel

"For swimming, splashing about, as the heart of any garden party. Once a person has a pool, they never want to do without one ever again", says the company owner. A clear trend can be detected here: "The sites are becoming ever smaller and with it the space available for pools. For this reason, more and more people are deciding in favour of a privacy protection in order to safeguard their privacy." This is, in the meantime, frequently being produced from MEVACO perforated sheets.

Metal with "one-way look"

"Pressure impregnated timber was previously used as palisades or shrubbery was planted", explains Petra Ketzer. "This is increasingly being left by the wayside nowadays, because these materials need constant maintenance. There is also the big risk that the aforementioned could dirty the water in the pool. None of these problems exist in the case of a privacy protection made from MEVACO perforated sheets. In this connection, we readily use the 2 mm thick perforated sheet R20 U48.5 from Mevaco, which is made from post-production hot-dip galvanised steel. Here the perforations are big enough to give a sense of openness. The customer's privacy protection is nevertheless ensured. The material also braves the elements and is easy to maintain."

Clean solutions are on trend

MEVACO perforated sheets thus emphasise a tendency, which is noticeable in the private swimming pool sector. "The installations are becoming more and more mature from a technical perspective", says Petra Ketzer. "Nowadays, we install a dosing system in almost every pool as well as an automatic pool cleaner. We are also, in the meantime, working with salt water electrolysis, which means that the water no longer has to be chlorinated." This fits in with the idea that modern materials can also be used outdoors.

Lasts from one pool season to the next

"I make that clear very quickly during consultations", says Petra Ketzer. "Persons looking for the most convenient solution – and who doesn't? – won't find a better privacy protection than one made from MEVACO perforated sheets. The advantage is apparent, as you will never have to waste time looking after it." Which is good to know, as the next pool season is always on its way.


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