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As safe and weather-resistant as a castle

Staircase with crimped mesh made from steel

Long walks aren't everyone's cup of tea! Stairs are a better choice. Especially when the railing is made from MEVACO crimped mesh. It withstands wind and weather and takes visitors safely to their destination. An iron staircase with steel crimped mesh also looks good. Safety and aesthetics combined.

A safe shortcut

Being able to live in a castle is a dream that only a few people can ever realise. However, what if the property, like Burg Schlössl in Uttenheim, South Tyrol, can only be reached after a 45 minute walk? The best solution then is to contact the company Schwärzer from Gais, South Tyrol. The forge and metal working shop has created a direct access to Burg Schlössl with a its bold staircase design, in which untreated MEVACO crimped mesh (mesh width 52x52) made from 5 mm thick steel wire as well as profiles made from steel WE 40x40, with a 9.6 mm slot width, are used for the railing.

Burg Schlössl, Uttenheim near the village of Gais in South Tyrol has been hugging its rugged crag, which falls away steeply on two sides, for almost 1000 years. In addition to its curtain wall, great hall, chapel and keep, the property also had a further typical castle feature as it was very difficult to access - and this well into the 21st century! Many famous people, such as the minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein, have already walked the 45 minutes to the castle.

Iron staircase with crimped mesh

Anything that could not be transported via this path had to be heaved up via a winch. This all changed in 2006 when the forge and metal working shop Schwärzer from Gais designed and built an iron staircase, whose railing is made from MEVACO steel crimped mesh (mesh width 52x52) with a wire thickness of 5 mm. Profiles made from steel WE 40x40 with a slot width of 9.6 mm are used to profile edge the crimped mesh.

11 generations of experience

"We are very experienced when it comes to dealing with historical buildings", explains Priska Schwärzer. "Not just because there are around 800 castles and stately homes in South Tyrol, rather because we can draw on a long tradition in this field. This is the 11th generation of the Schwärzer family to run the forge and metal working shop." Priska Schwärzer also drew on this experience when constructing the staircase for Burg Schlössl, Uttenheim. "The extremely steep ascent was a major challenge for us as the outside staircase was to be forged onto bare rock. Our employees had to abseil down from above in order to be able to mount the staircase."

Can be used whatever the weather

Safety was naturally a big consideration when designing such a structure. "This is how crimped mesh from MEVACO came into play", explains Priska Schwärzer. "We used it as the railing. The customer indicated that they wanted a light, almost floating construction, which had to visually blend in with the historical walls. At the same time, the staircase and railing had to be able to withstand the elements and naturally comply with all the safety regulations. After searching for a while, we found the MEVACO crimped mesh 52x52. The steel variant with a wire thickness of 5 mm was the optimal material for this project. The railing now fits superbly with the welded step grates of the staircase." The people living in Burg Schlössl can safely and conveniently reach the castle in just a few minutes via this staircase. "The staircase incline is the same for the entire length", says Priska Schwärzer. "And it can be used what ever the weather." Also during Winter in snow or in Autumn when the leaves are being shed by the trees." We are sure that the minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein would also have approved of this solution. Unfortunately at his time, people still had to do without MEVACO crimped mesh. All this makes the current Burg Schlössl owners even happier to have the staircase.


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