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A sea of opportunities

Individual ceiling covering with perforated sheet

When you go out for a meal a stylish ambience is important. Because a culinary experience does not end on the plate. An unusual ceiling covering can turn a restaurant into a trendy meeting place. Arabica perforated sheets from the Creativ Line range transform the ceiling into a virtual sea.

The perfect wave with perforated sheet

The Asia Cocos bistro in the Designer Outlet Center in Parndorf, Austria was developed under the direction of the Hamburg architects Ralf Kürbitz and Kerstin Heyroth. Here guests can enjoy culinary delicacies under a virtual sea on the ceiling. This wavelike illusion was created using MEVACO aluminium perforated sheets in the Arabica perforation from the Creativ Line range. Günter Plattl from the company Alu Hofstätter in Rohrbach, Austria constructed this wonderful undulating “sea”. The most beautiful interplays between lig.

Restaurant chains seem to be ubiquitous these days. However, restaurants such as the Asia Cocos in the Designer Outlet Center in Parndorf, Austria not far from Lake Neusiedl on the Austrian-Hungarian border are as rare in the franchise sector as pearls in mussels. While uniformity is normally the rule in such restaurants, the “Cocos” and “Bok” restaurants of this chain are convincing due to their individual architectural ideas. “The planner and outfitter faced particularly high demands in this connection”, the architect duo responsible for this concept, namely Ralf Kürbitz and Kerstin Heyroth from Hamburg.

Lighting effect and room depth

Ralf Kürbitz and Kerstin Heyroth were also true to their motto "we give the idea space to realise its full potential and then give it concrete form” when working on the Asia Cocos bistro. 170 designer stores offer their exclusive goods in the Parndorf Designer Outlet Center on a total sales area of 37,700 m². “Visitors want and indeed expect something special when they come to a designer outlet”, is how Ralf Kürbitz sums up the situation. “But they also need an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle.” The architects were successful in implementing these requirements. The something special was realised via their idea for a sea landscape on the ceiling, which is why they turned to perforated sheets. Ralf Kürbitz and Kerstin Heyroth used, in this connection, the Arabica perforation from the Creativ Line range, while the selected material for the perforated sheets was aluminium. “The movement is generated by the individual panel shapes, light effects and room depth”, says Ralf Kürbitz. “The sinusoidal waves on the ceiling create a sense of dynamism. The curved counter picks up on this idea.”

Discover new perspectives

The Hamburg architects were soon proven right as the Asia Cocos quickly became one of the favourite meeting places in Parndorf. “The people not only come for the delicious food but also because there is something special to see”, says Ralf Kürbitz. “Our perforated sheet waves ensure beautiful light effects, which are generated by the LED lamps. You always discover new interplays between light and shadow as there are some areas, which catch the light better than others and others that are accordingly more in the dark.”

A tricky task

How exactly did the perforated sheets get this undulating shape? The expertise of the metal worker played a decisive role here. Günter Plattl and his company Alu Hofstätter in Rohrbach, Austria had a tricky task to accomplish as the architects had calculated three different wave amplitudes in different widths for the ceiling. Günter Plattl and his crew subsequently constructed accordingly shaped aluminium panels. Three special colours were then applied per powder coating on the aluminium curved panels. The finished “waves” were then welded onto the frames. The architects then covered the building services with acoustic nonwoven fabric. The wavelike curved panels were then mounted on the ceiling and the sea on the ceiling was complete!

Know-how from all sides

For Ralf Kürbitz and Kerstin Heyroth, it also comes down to “being able to implement creative ideas”. This requires know-how from all sides and a reliable and intensive cooperation. Something that they viewed very positively here: “This was no problem at all for us thanks to the good cooperation with MEVACO and Alu Hofstätter.”


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