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Shop design meets shoe design

Displays made from expanded metal as major attraction

If somebody wants to sell something, then the product must be presented in an appealing and attractive manner. Customers are impressed with a fancy and unusual shop design. For example, with aluminium shelves, which are secured to an expanded metal wall panelling. Shoe displays with genune star quality are created in this way. Simply irresistible!

Sales promotion the Polish way

The Polish architect Seweryn Noglaski from the architect’s office Pentagram has made women’s hearts beat that little bit faster in the centre of Warsaw. The shoe shop designed by him in the Wileńska emporium displays its shoes on white shelves made from rolled aluminium sheets, which are secured to a wall panelling made from MEVACO expanded metal. Expanded metal rhomb 62x25x9 and rhomb 200x80x33 were used for the wall panelling. LED spotlights direct the shoppers’ attention toward the exhibition areas.

The shoe shop of the Katowice architects working with Seweryn Nogalski from the architect’s office Pentagram is still a pilot concept; however, the reduced forms and elegant materials are delighting visitors in the heart of the Wileńska emporium. These materials include a lot of MEVACO expanded metal rhomb 62x25x9 with bridge width 2.0 mm as well as expanded metal rhomb 200x80x33 with bridge width 3.0 mm, both in aluminium.

Shop design for self-confessed shoe fans

The success of the shop’s design can already be seen in its popularity with customers. One wonders when the Sex in the City star and self-confessed shoe fan Sarah Jessica Parker will have her shoe cabinet accordingly redesigned. Possibly already in the near future as “this design is the ideal background for presenting shoes”, says Seweryn Nogalski. “Expanded metal is the perfect material in this connection.

Unusual design as shop concept

When a customer enters the shop, the interesting reflecting image immediately catches their eye, as the white shelves made from rolled aluminium sheets on the expanded metal walls are like ships on a shimmering sea. This was precisely what we were aiming for with the design of the exhibition walls.” This design is certainly unusual and not without risk for a retail chain. However, Seweryn Nogalski already has extensive experience in designing successful shop concepts. “We also used expanded metal in the Big Star shops, which were also created by us”, he explains. “It also worked very well there.”

Perfect stage for shoes

Great importance was also attached to creating a sense of individuality with this concept and this is where the flexibility of expanded metal really came into its own for the architect. “Using LED spotlights, we were able to set the scene in the shop like in a theatre. The light reflections, which arise in this connection on the expanded metal, redirect the shopper’s attention to the shoes. This material is definitely something special, as in spite of its inherent strength, it can still be used for a wide range of applications. It can be painted, exposed to corrosion, welded or even screwed on – any idea is feasible, and the result always speaks for itself.”

Elegant and aesthetic appearance

This is also the case in the Wileńska emporium. When Seweryn Nogalski asked the investor what he thought of it, he answered: “It is very elegant and very aesthetic.” What more could you want as an architect? Perhaps only that Sarah Jessica Parker will soon discover your idea! The design would no doubt delight this lady, who would definitely cherish such an exclusive presentation of her “treasures”.


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