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Quality of life for warm days

Sun protection and privacy with expanded metal

There are also hot summers in our part of the world. People are happy when the temperature remains pleasantly cool in the apartment. And without having to use roller shutters. Sun protection made from expanded metal not only reduces the heat inside. At the same time, it provides privacy against undesired prying eyes. With a modern twist.

The next sunny day will be here before you know it!

The architect Pier Francesco Cherchi and the Metalworker Ledda Federico from Omnimat created a loggia as sun protection, on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, in order to protect the residents of an apartment building and he designed the product to with stand the high temperatures. MEVACO expanded metal (rhomb 62x23x3) was used in this connection. It was fixed onto steel frames and can be fitted from the inside with additional fabric panels.

Pier Francesco Cherchi from the architect’s office C+C04 Studio in Cagliari is very aware of the touristic potential of his home country Sardinia, as the Mediterranean island enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year. The effects of this must, however, also be taken into account. “You must be able to protect yourself against the very hot and dazzling summer sun”, points out the architect.

Sun protection with colour concept

The topic “sun protection” was like a thread running through the entire concept when it came to designing an apartment building with condominiums in one of the suburbs of Cagliari. “The colour concept we decided on for the building was white and graduating in different shades of grey tones”, says Pier Francesco Cherchi. “This really comes into its own in the case of bright sunlight. We were also able to lengthen the balconies from a visual perspective, as we also painted the same width of the outside wall in dark grey to match the balconies thus creating a connection to the terrace doors located underneath.”

Privacy and sun protection in one

The balconies themselves are covered in expanded metal (rhomb 62x23x3). “The expanded metal extends, however, by a third again above the height of the balcony door”, is how Pier Francesco Cherchi explains his design. “The expanded metal thus acts as a suspended façade. This loggia architectural form is often found in Southern Europe. Loggias were very popular during the Italian Renaissance; at that time they were enclosed by glass. Today we take the modern alternative and use expanded metal.”

Expanded metal as suspended façade

This not only looks great but also fulfils two important functions: “On the one hand, privacy protection”, says Pier Francesco Cherchi. We are after all in a residential area here where the next building is not that far away. On the other hand, it provides important protection against the sun.” Which brings us nicely back to the subject, as the expanded metal construction of the architect has an additional function: “The expanded metal was drawn onto the steel frames”, explains Pier Francesco Cherchi, “and the edges were then folded around the frame and then welded on. Further fabric panels, which allow for additional sun protection, can be secured there from the inside if required.” All fabrication and installation work has been done by Ledda Federico from the Omnimat metalworking company in Elmas.

Modern look at a reasonable price

Apart from this, the architect from Cagliari mentions even more clear advantages of MEVACO expanded metal, which apply to almost all climate zones: "We also like using expanded metal because it is reasonably priced and easy to process. When used in the facade area, it gives the buildings a modern look, but still allows traditional architectural ideas." The inhabitants thus enjoy their loggia covered in expanded metal, even when there are sometimes clouds in the sky. Because the Sardinians know very well that it won't be long until the sun is shining again!


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