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R4,5 U15

Item no.: 100183

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Perforated sheet in: Aluminium Al 99,5 % hh
EN AW-1050A H24 DIN EN 485-2
pvc coated one side
Dimension: 1,5 x 1000 x 2000 mm
Perforation: R4,5 U15 DIN 24041
Open area: 7,07%
Margins according to technical needs, not cut, mechanically levelled, not degreased,without any further processing.
Back without scratches, as far as technically possible.
Note: Storing the foiled parts too long as well as great temperature differences can cause an increased aging of the foil and it gets harder to remove it. We therefore suggest to remove the foil immediately after processing the parts.
The material is only conditionally suitable for andodising afterwards. For a decorative use we recommend EN AW-5005 H24 EQ.

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